Working Group Leader

Klaus Wallmann


Integration and dissemination


A wide range of scientific, technological, and economic questions have to be addressed in order to develop marine gas hydrates as a resource of natural gas for Europe. A synthesis and communication of the diverse scientific and technical aspects to be tackled in WG 1-3 is important for the overall understanding of the broader topic and its societal impacts. Accordingly, WG 4 coordinates and integrates the multidisciplinary work in MIGRATE and develops communication strategies to inform the general public, NGOs, policy makers, private companies, and public institutions. WP4 facilitates and supports the:


  • internal project communication and management
  • mining and pooling of existing data related to gas hydrates in Europe
  • dissemination of project results
  • dialogue with stakeholders and policy makers
  • networking with national gas hydrate programs in Europe and all over the world
  • selection of a promising target site for a field production test (in cooperation with WG1 to WG3).