1. All applicants must carefully read the funding rules detailed in Section 7 of the COST Vademecum. The STSM user guide is also available:

STSM user guide

2. All applicants must register for an e-COST profile at:

- adding their bank account details to their profile.

3. All applicants must obtain a letter of invitation from the Host institution confirming that they can undertake the STSM on the given dates prior to submitting an application.

4. All applicants must complete, submit and download their STSM application online at:

5. All applicants must send their submitted STSM application form and the relevant supporting documents to Judith Schicks ( for evaluation before the application submission deadline expires.

The list of supporting documents to be submitted for the evaluation are:
• Letter of invitation to the applicant from a senior researcher affiliated to the Host institution
• The submitted STSM application form (downloadable when the online application is submitted – see point 4 above)
• A motivation letter including an overview of the proposed activities that will be performed which must contain a plan of work for the visit highlighting the proposed contribution to the scientific objectives of the respective COST Action;
• A letter of support from the Home Institution;
• A Full C.V. (including a list of academic publications – if applicable).

6. The application will then be assessed by the formally delegated person (s) (Judith Schicks/ Management Committee) against the perceived contribution that the proposed visit will make against the scientific objectives outlined in the Action’s Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

7. The applicant will be formally notified of the outcome of their STSM application by Judith Schicks/ Management Committee.

8. Within 30 days from the end date of the STSM, the successful applicant must submit a scientific report to the Host institution and to Judith Schicks. The applicant is also responsible for acquiring an official acceptance letter / Email confirmation of acceptance from a senior Researcher affiliated to the Host institution formally accepting the scientific report. This formal acceptance of the scientific report has to be sent to the Grant Holder and Judith Schicks for archiving purposes.
Failure to submit the scientific report within 30 days from the end date of the STSM will effectively cancel the Grant.
(Please note that the COST Association can request additional information to substantiate the information contained within the documents submitted by STSM applicants).

Please also see the COST Vademecum.